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Reversing Alarms

*Discontinued* The XBA-12 Reverse buzzer is dual voltage input, making it suitable for both 12V and 24V applications. The buzzer itself is protected against water ingress and incorporates a long life piezo buzzer with a DB Rating of up to 105dB.

*Discontinued* XBA-12

tl_files/automotive-products/XBA-12.jpg*Discontinued* 12V / 24V DC Dual Voltage Reverse Buzzer

Features Include:

• Dual Voltage 12 or 24VDC
• Compact and lightweight, black powder coated heatsink
• When reverse gear is engaged on the vehicle, the
   reversing lamps illuminate and at the same
   time the module begins to sound
• A high intensity piezo buzzer
• The XBA-12 is designed to suit most vehicles such as 4WD’s, Commercial,
   Forklifts and Agricultural vehicles.

For More Information:

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Installation Sheet





System Voltage Suits

12V or 24V DC


Decibel Rating

12V at 102dB(A) - 24V at 105dB(A)


Voltage - Minimum



Voltage - Maximum



Input Current

40mA Average



Suits either positive or negative earth systems



Black powder coated rigid aluminium extrusion



Sprayed with rubber coating to protect from moisture and dust





Dimensions [LxWxH]

106mm x 58mm x 34mm

Design and specifications may change without notice.