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Battery Chargers upto 80VDC to 12VDC/24VDC

*NEW* REC25HV - Up to 80VDC to 12V/24V DC to DC Charger

Designed for safely charging most 12V and 24V Lead Acid Chemistries as well as LiFePO4 batteries(Refer to your battery manufacturers specifications for suitablitly of this product) from voltages up to 80VDC.
Also can be setup as a Fixed Voltage reducer as well (12V or 24V)


Features Include:

• Microprocessor based, improved output stability,
   protection and status indications
• High efficiency switchmode technology
• Control wire via ignition or can be configured with no control wire. (Via Jumper)
• Thermal, over voltage, overload and short circuit protection
• Compact and lightweight aluminium heatsink construction

For More Information:

• Refer to Leaflet or feel free to contact us

Installation Sheet





Input Voltage

Min 22VDC(for 12V mode) 44VDC (for 24V Mode) to 80VDC


Efficiency At Typical Operating Conditions



Maximum Output Current

25 Amps


Stand By Current




Short Circuit, Overload, Over Voltage and Thermal Protection


Input and Output Status Indication



Output Connections

Fly Leads





Dimensions [LxWxH]

155mm x 177mm x 68mm

Design and specifications may change without notice.